Key Competences for the start of Professional Life

With the Soft Skills Workshops for Master students and then Individual Focus we offer a wide range of courses to improve your interdisciplinary competences in the course "Key competences for the start of professional life".

Within the programmes you can choose between different formats:

  • within the Individual Focus between large group station learning (around 40 participants) and e-learning courses
  • within the Master Workshops between attendence time or blended-learning courses (2 hours attendance, 2 hours online)

You will receive the 2 ECTS credits required by your degree course after finishing the module. Therefore you have to enroll for the Individual Focus (0,5 ECTS credits) and choose a total of 3 additional workshops (0.5 ECTS credits each). It is important that the workshops you choose cover all three areas of competence: self-competence (SEK), social competence (SOK) and method competence (MEK).

You will receive a certificate of participation in each event. After participating in all events, you can get a full certificate for all events. Please send an e-mail stating your name, matriculation number, the workshops attended with appointments and lecturers to Tamaris Pohl.

Workshops summer term 2019

The workshops we offer vary from semester to semester. If you wish, you can obtain all your required credits within one semesters – but also during different semesters within the whole time of your master´s degree. Please start early enough to visit the courses.

Each workshop is offered at various dates during the semester which you can see at tumonline. You may choose the date which is most interesting and convenient for you. Some workshops even take place during the semester vacation. All blended-learning workshops consist of a 2 hours presence and 2 hours e-learning part, which you may complete whenever and wherever you want.

Please note: When you register for a workshop, you are also registered for the examination. For this reason, if you do not turn up in a workshop or cancel your course registration in due time, we have to evaluate your examination performance with “fail”.  

If you require help in choosing workshops which specifically relate to your personal educational wishes, the Center for Key Competencies offers individual counseling on request.

Further information on current and past workshops as well as the links to registration can be found here: