Intensive workshops of ZSK

The Center for Key Competencies will provide you with additional intensive workshops in addition to the 4-hour master's course. In this way, you will have the opportunity to finish your Master Soft Skills during work or in an association or project as well as in exclusive compact workshops. In the intensive workshops, you will be deeply involved in specific topics, but still work with specializations in areas of competences.

Compact workshops Personal competencie profil

Name:Intensiv-Master-Workshop: Persönliches Kompetenzprofil - Mein Kompass für die Personalauswahl
Ansprechpartner:Susanne Lösel

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Ziele:see german version
Rahmenbedingungen:You will receive 2 ECTS for taking part in the two-days seminare.
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Compact workshops


Intensive-Master-Workshop: Team work in action


Susanne Lösel


Teamwork is one of the top 3 key competencies that employers demand from graduates. What about your personal teamwork skills? In this intensive workshop, you can tese and reflect on them. Using different team tasks, you will be able to see which factors influence successful co-operation and how problem-solving and decision-making processes take place in the team and which group dynamics processes were used in cooperation.


The objective of this intensive workshop is to dive deeper into the topic of teamwork and to research intensively with the from different angles. You will go through various problem-solving tasks and experience as well as reflect on group dynamics and cooperation in projects. You will also reflect on your personal teamwork and receive feedback of your work.

Curriculum conditions:

You will receive 2 ECTS in the field of soft skills for participation in the 2-day seminar.

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Compact workshop networking

Name:Intensive Master Workshop: Systematic Networking
Contact:Tamaris Pohl
Content:Networks are the success factor in finding a job - around 40% of all jobs - and more than 70% of management positions - are awarded through Vitamin B. Students should also network: contacts are essential for a successful career entry after the master. But how do I approach these contacts? Which contacts are important to me? What can I do with my existing network? The aim of the workshop is to develop a strategy for your personal networking. In addition to important basics, the focus is on the formulation of personal goals and the creation of a network card. You define your personal strategies and procedures for a successful career entry after graduation. In collegial consultation, you exchange ideas with your fellow students and receive individual input about their strategy.
Conditions:You will receive 2 ECTS in soft skills for participating in the 2-day seminar.
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Presentation coaching


Presentation coaching (in Kooperationsangeboten)


Tamaris Pohl


In presentation coaching, you have the opportunity to present your own ideas, either as individual or in a team, and to receive feedback for the presentation. Both the trainer and the other participants of the presentation coaching will give you feedback. For participation in presentation coaching, you need to prepare for a presentation. for instance, presentation of your results, final presentations, or under application situation, etc.


You will further develop your personal presentation skills and receive individual feedback on presentation style, slides design and effectiveness.

Curricular conditions:

Presentation coaching is not a compulsary program. The possibility to receive ECTS for the participation exists in the participation in different chair co-operation programs.

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