Key Competencies for Scientific Practice

As a master student at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, you are taking part in the event "Key Competencies for Scientific Practice" shortly before your master thesis. The lecture series with accompanying E-learning supports you in the preparation of your thesis from the topic-finding to the presentation. Professors, central institutions of the TUM and the center for key competencies provide additional help besides the supervision of the chairs.


  • Good scientific practice: Guidelines for safeguarding good scientific practice and dealing with scientific misconduct.
  • Choosing a thesis and getting along with your supervisor: You will learn how to choose the topic of your thesis and select a supervisor.
  • Experiment design: You will work with the scientific fundamentals of experiment design and various types such as experiment, simulation and construction. You will learn about the differences in experiments between mechanical engineering and other disciplines.
  • Proposal: The proposal is the basis of your scientific work and helps you to define and structure your topic.
  • Scientific Writing: Learn to improve your scientific language and skilfully deal with scientific arguments in your work. You will learn important information about reading techniques and writing barriers.
  • Literature research (introduction): Get to know the offers of the University Library in Munich and learn important basic skills of literature research for your thesis. In collaboration with the University Library you will learn how and where to get literature quickly and inexpensively.
  • Thesis Presentation: Learn what you should consider for the oral presentation of your work - for the preparation of the content but also your personal appearance. For concrete feedback, sign up for our presentation coaching.
  • English Writing: This workshop goes beyond mere questions of “correct” grammar. It instead emphasizes stylistic guidelines for forceful and clear academic writing in English.
  • Time management in good scientific practice: You will receive suggestions on how to plan and implement your work, and which time management strategies can support your work.
  • Literature research (advanced) and quotation: Learn everything you need for quoting from scientific sources and supplement your knowledge of literary research.

Target group

All master students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering should visit the course "Key Competencies for Scientific Practice" shortly before the completion of their Master's thesis.

Exam peformance

The following exercise performance must be passed during the seminar "Key Competencies for Scientific Practice":

  • Completing of a proposal for your master's thesis with the template below

Requirements:at least 6 pages of pure flow text without task settings, format: max. 1.5 line spacing, pt. 12, Language: English or German

Tips for submitting the proposal:

  • Download the template for the proposal and write your proposal
  • Have your exposé checked by your supervisor at the chair (contents correct, topic of the thesis, length appropriate, research methods proper) and sign
  • Please submit a copy personally or by mail, signed by you and your supervisor, to the ZSK House (mailbox in the entrance area), where it will be checked for formal correctness
  • Please note that you will only receive your ECTS credits in connection with the Master's Thesis


  • Submission of the exposé until 15.12 or 15.02. in the winter semester and until 01.07. or 15.09 in the summer semester
  • The performance will be entered as pass / fail until the end of the respective semester


  • Please register via TUMonline for the exam "Key Competencies for Scientific Practice"
  • The deadline for the submission of the academic achievement corresponds to the central examination registration of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering ( )
  • Register for the exam in the semester in which you would like to submit your exposé. You can attend the seminar beforehand (if desired) in another semester. The attendance of the seminar and the submission of the study achievement are not necessarily coupled with each other. 


Zentrale Lehre - Zentrum für Schlüsselkompetenzen Exposé Schlüsselkompetenzen für die wiss. Praxis Fakultät für Maschinenwesen Boltzmannstr. 15 85748 Garching bei München

Template for proposal:

Presentation of your final thesis

Would you like to present your thesis and recieve feedback on your presentation? Then apply for our presentation coachings. The coaching will take place in a small group up to five students. Do you still need credits for your Masters? Then combine the coaching session with our eLearning on present effectively and get 0,5 ECTS within MEK.


Please register for the course "Key Competence for Scientific Practice" via TUMOnline. We recommend you to visit the seminar before your thesis.